Dave Mustaine Kicks Security Out Of Megadeth Concert Mid-Song

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Dave Mustaine Kicks Security Out Of Megadeth Concert Mid-Song


Longtime Megadeth frontman and permanently grumpy thrash overlord Dave Mustaine has no patience for overzealous concert security. On Wednesday night, Megadeth headlined a show that also featured Biohazard and Ill Niño at Grossinger Motors Arena in Bloomington, Illinois. Toward the end of their set, while the band played “Symphony Of Destruction,” Mustaine witnessed some kind of fracas at the front of the stage, and he was not amused by this non-symphonic destruction. He stopped the song, and he told the crowd that he wouldn’t keep playing until four security guards were kicked out.

Mid-song, Mustaine yelled, “Hey, hey! Stop, stop, stop! Dude, don’t be fuckin’ hitting people! That’s totally uncool. Hey! Fuckin’ stop hitting that guy!” The show stopped for a few minutes as Mustaine ran around to yell directly at individual security guard. He then returned to the mic and addressed the crowd:

I’m sorry, I’m not gonna play anymore until those guys are escorted out of the building, so just hang on a second. That was so fuckin’ unnecessary. That was so fuckin’ unnecessary, you guys. You’re supposed to make… What’s on the back of your shirt? Safety? It should say “No Fuckin’ Safety” because you guys are punks, and you shouldn’t fuckin’ hit that guy. Four of you on one guy, what a bunch of pussies. You make me so fuckin’ embarrassed by you. Get him out of here, or I’m leaving. Get him out of here. I don’t wanna fuckin’ hear that they’re in the back. I want them out of here.

The crowd voiced its support of the band while Dave Mustaine spoke to cops at the side of the stage. After a few minutes, Mustaine, apparently satisfied, returned to the mic and had this to say:

These motherfuckers wrecked my song! You ever have dreams at night where you’re beating people up or you’re, like, running or flying? I’m going to be dreaming about beating those guys up tonight. I wanna thank the police force for taking care of those security punks… Don’t take it out on the guys that weren’t like that, but those four guys over there were fuckin’ punks. Four one one? Sorry, that stuff just makes me so mad. I hate bullies. Fuckin’ hate bullies.

Dave Mustaine has said plenty of fucked up things over his long career, but it’s hard to argue with that. As Blabbermouth point out, this isn’t the first time he’s had issues with security guards during Megadeth shows. This time, the chaos ate so much stage time that Megedeth only had time for one final song, and they finished the show with “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due.” Watch fan footage of the whole incident below.

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