Deap Vally – "Space Age Love Song" (A Flock Of Seagulls Cover)


Deap Vally – "Space Age Love Song" (A Flock Of Seagulls Cover)

Martha Coolidge’s 1983 movie Valley Girl starred Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman as star-crossed SoCal lovers in a storyline inspired by Romeo And Juliet. Just in time for the film’s 35th anniversary in 2018, director Rachel Lee Goldenberg remade Valley Girl as a jukebox musical featuring hits from the ’80s. The film was shelved at the time due to controversy surrounding notorious YouTuber Logan Paul, who is in the cast. But it’s coming out now, in the middle of a pandemic that has shut down every movie theater in America besides drive-ins, because hey why not.

The Valley Girl remake is out today, and so is its soundtrack, which features a bunch of performances by the cast as well as select covers from Deap Vally and American Authors. Of particular note is Deap Vally’s cover of A Flock Of Seagulls’ “Space Age Love Song,” which turns the new wave hit into a straight-up garage rock track. The tracklist also includes new versions of “We Got The Beat,” “Safety Dance,” “Crazy For You,” “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” “Boys Don’t Cry,” “Under Pressure,” “I Melt With You,” and other ’80s hits.

Below, find Deap Vally’s “Space Age Love Song” cover, a visual featuring star Josh Whitehouse doing a-Ha’s “Take On Me,” and a stream of the full soundtrack. And hell, might as well watch the trailer too.

The Valley Girl soundtrack is out now on Interscope. The film is now viewable on VOD and at select drive-ins.

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