Dendrons – “Vain Repeating”


Dendrons – “Vain Repeating”

Shapeshifting Chicago rockers Dendrons caught our attention with last month’s “New Outlook II,” and they’re keeping it with today’s new track “Vain Repeating.” The song’s hypnotic post-punk pulse exists in continuum with bands like Wire and Omni — tight bass groove, melting guitar leads, and all. “Practice makes perfect sense,” Dane Jarvie sings. “Vain repeating.”

In a statement, Jarvie writes, “The song was created as a word pastiche of inconsequential data, spit out in aura of self-importance. The song deals with a loose promise of either cathartic piety, or vanity, through repetition, depending on who you’re talking to.” Like “New Outlook II,” “Vain Repeating” appears on Dendrons’ new album 5-3-8, and you can hear it below.

5-3-8 is out 8/26 on Innovative Leisure.

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