Drake Shoots Giant Travis Scott Head During “Meltdown” Performance

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Drake Shoots Giant Travis Scott Head During “Meltdown” Performance


Although Drake has feuded with many a rapper, he’s usually maintained alliances with most of the biggest names in hip-hop at any given time — perhaps because people realized it was profitable to stay on good terms with such an unstoppable commercial force. That dynamic seems to be changing. Kendrick Lamar laid into Drake and his current tourmate J. Cole in a verse on “Like That” from Future and Metro Boomin’s We Don’t Trust You album, ratcheting up the heat in what had been a decade-long cold war. The verse’s presence on a Future/Metro album revealed a rift between those guys and Drake, who has been a close collaborator with both for many years. And now the song — which just debuted at #1 with gargantuan streaming numbers — may be exposing tensions between Drake and another longtime ally, Travis Scott.

As TMZ points out, Scott was filmed urging Future to play “Like That” at Rolling Loud California five days before We Don’t Trust You dropped, which suggests that Scott has staked out a position on Future, Metro, and Kendrick’s side of the rift.

In a seemingly related development, Drake took out his aggressions on a Travis Scott stage prop at his and Cole’s own It’s All A Blur — Big As The What? tour stop Sunday at Penn State University. During Drake’s performance of “Meltdown” from Scott’s recent Utopia album, he pretended to shoot a giant facsimile of Scott’s head. Check out footage below.

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