Ducks Ltd. – “Under The Rolling Moon” (Feat. The Beths)


Ducks Ltd. – “Under The Rolling Moon” (Feat. The Beths)

In a couple of weeks, the Toronto duo Ducks Ltd will release their full-length debut Modern Fiction. The band — known as Ducks Unlimited, back in the days before duck limitations — has a woozy, pretty old-school jangle-pop style that sounds ripped straight from an ’80s college-radio broadcast. We’ve already heard the early singles “18 Cigarettes” and “How Lonely Are You?” Today, the band has shared another one.

New song “Under The Rolling Moon” is an ornate chug that comes slathered in guitar-pedal effects and sighing harmonies. (As on “How Lonely Are You?,” the members of like-minded Australian band the Beths sing backup harmonies.) With its nonchalant lead vocals, “Under The Rolling Moon” works as a lackadaisical indie rocker, but there’s a ton of craft and care in all the sounds happening within the track.

In a press release, Ducks Ltd.’s Tom McGreevy says, “‘Under The Rolling Moon’ is about trying to be there for a friend who is in a moment of crisis. Some of the frustration maybe of witnessing someone else’s extremely recognizable self-defeating behavior, but mostly just the feeling of caring for them, knowing they can be ok and hoping that they can find their way to seeing that.” Ambar Navarro and Max Flick directed the video, and you can watch it below.

Modern Fiction is out 10/1 on Carpark. Pre-order it here.

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