Dumb – “Pull Me Up”


Dumb – “Pull Me Up”

Back in 2019, the Vancouver band Dumb impressed us with Club Nites, a debut album of frantic, wordy indie rock. That year, Dumb were one of Stereogum’s favorite new bands. This fall, Dumb will follow Club Nites with a new LP called Pray 4 Tomorrow — 18 tracks of slapdash, quizzical jams that probably won’t really be dumb at all.

The first single from Pray 4 Tomorrow is a skronky, ramshackle rocker called “Pull Me Up.” Musically, it’s very much in line with what Dumb did on their first album, which puts it in a whole lineage of bands who learned a lot from listening to Pavement. Lyrically, though “Pull Me Up” seems extremely right-now. It’s a commentary on terminally-online brain-disease and “sinking deeper into propagandist meditation.” In a press release, Dumb’s Franco Rossino has this to say:

It seems that these days even some of our more intelligent friends find themselves trapped in loops of cyclic discourse, in an endless battle between other chronically-online walking encyclopedias fruitlessly attempting to force the truth into submission. The song “Pull Me Up” (a reference to “Pulled Up” by the Talking Heads) is all about reaching out to those friends who have been inside too long, their brains fried from a repetitive strain injury.

Below, check out director J Quincy Arthur’s “Pull Me Up” video and the Pray 4 Tomorrow tracklist.

01 “Foot Control”
02 “Gibberish”
03 “Excuse Me?”
04 “Pull Me Up”
05 “30 Degrees”
06 “Strange Is The Morning”
07 “Quarter Stereo”
08 “Dropout”
09 “Sleep Like A Baby”
10 “Watch This Drive”
11 “Out Of Touch”
12 “Fully Compromised”
13 “Pensar”
14 “Desolation”
15 “Civic Duty”
16 “77”
17 “Grey Area”
18 “The Entertainer”

Pray 4 Tomorrow is out 11/11 on Mint Records.

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