Eartheater – “Chop Suey!” (System Of A Down Cover)

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Eartheater – “Chop Suey!” (System Of A Down Cover)


Somebody’s got Hollywood music directors in their crosshairs! The next single from Eartheater’s suddenly imminent new album Powders is an eerie, minimal cover of System Of A Down’s Toxicity classic “Chop Suey!” Though prior single “Pure Smile Snake Venom” was arty electro-organic pop with a dance beat, Eartheater’s “Chop Suey!” cover turns an unhinged, herky-jerky nu-metal freakout a ballad I expect to hear during a montage at the end of a TV episode someday (assuming they ever start making new TV episodes again). At the end, she rocks out a bit without breaking the supernatural aura.

In a press release, Eartheater says, “‘Chop Suey!’ is irresistible and undeniable, a hymn and prayer that bridges so many experiences…the best example of contemporary folklore, where a song becomes the people’s song.” Listen below.

Powders is out 9/20 on Chemical X. One time I saw a guy sing “Aerials” at karaoke.

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