Eels Announce New Album 'Earth To Dora', Share Single "Are We Alright Again": Listen


Eels Announce New Album 'Earth To Dora', Share Single "Are We Alright Again": Listen

With his Eels project, Mark Oliver Everett has been plumbing the depths of depression and isolation through the medium of old-school studio-pop for a very long time. Eels’ classic LP Daisies Of The Galaxy turned 20 earlier this year. And today, he’s announced plans to follow up the 2018 Eels album The Deconstruction with a new one called Earth To Dora. That new album will be out next month, and the horrifying image that you see above is the cover art.

Everett recorded Earth To Dora in his Los Feliz studio, and the album will include “Baby Let’s Make It Real” and “Who You Say You Are,” the two singles that he released this summer. Today, he’s shared a third song from the album. It’s called “Are We Alright Again,” and it’s a carefree pop singalong driven by a loping breakbeat. I’m getting some serious late-’90s modern-rock radio vibes from this one — not a surprise, maybe, considering how many of us first heard Eels through “Novocaine For The Soul.” Below, check out “Are We Alright Again” and the new album’s tracklist.

In a press release, Everett says:

These songs came about just before the pandemic hit and changed everything. I’m hoping they can be, maybe, kind of soothing or something. To hear songs dealing with things we are dreaming about getting back to. Or maybe people are dealing with some of the topics right now as well. Just one song was done in the thick of the early pandemic days, “Are We Alright Again,” which is kind of a quarantine daydream I desperately needed to have.

01 “Anything For Boo”
02 “Are We Alright Again”
03 “Who You Say You Are”
04 “Earth To Dora”
05 “Dark And Dramatic”
06 “Are You Fucking Your Ex”
07 “The Gentle Souls”
08 “Of Unsent Letters”
09 “I Got Hurt”
10 “OK”
11 “Baby Let’s Make It Real”
12 “Waking Up”

Earth To Dora is out 10/30 on E Works/[PIAS].

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