Eluvium – “Vibration Consensus Reality (For Spectral Multiband Resonator)” & “Scatterbrains”

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Eluvium – “Vibration Consensus Reality (For Spectral Multiband Resonator)” & “Scatterbrains”


Last fall, the Portland composer Matthew Robert Cooper announced a new Eluvium album, (Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality). It won’t be out until May, but Cooper is planning on sharing two tracks a month from it until it’s released. First up was the pair of “Escapement” and “Swift Automatons”; today, he’s offered up two more, “Vibration Consensus Reality (For Spectral Multiband Resonator)” and “Scatterbrains.”

“This was probably the first piece of music written for the album and perhaps the center from which everything else was built,” Cooper said of the former. “The music was written freehand around the ‘singing’ of this particular resonator I was working with at the time. It is quite possibly my favorite piece of music I’ve ever written.”

As for “Scatterbrains,” here’s what Cooper had to say:

The title of this piece is meant to be suggestive of a mass inability to think straight brought on by an unending consumption of media. A miasma of varying thoughts that don’t quite tie together in any sensible manner. But its origins actually come from visits to a shelter of trees on the edge of a precipice that I visit regularly with my dog. There are eagles usually nesting there and the wind howls through it often. The wind is such a peaceful presence and I’ve thought of how it feels as though it takes my thoughts away and scatters them out across the land below, leaving me mindless and at rest. The music is a mixture of these two considerations.

Listen to both below.

(Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality is out 5/12 on Temporary Residence.

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