Emily A. Sprague – “Silken Pt. 2.1”


Emily A. Sprague – “Silken Pt. 2.1”

Salutations is a new 12-track compilation from Adult Swim and the great avant-garde record label RVNG Intl. According to a press release, the album “inaugurates a series of greetings, group assemblies, and exercises along the invisible plane created through correspondence.” Out today, it includes new music from the likes of vhvl, Visible Cloaks, Batu, Dialect, and — most notably around these parts — Emily A. Sprague, the ambient composer and indie singer-songwriter who also sometimes records as Florist.

Sprague’s contribution to Salutations is a lovely high-pitched guitar meditation called “Silken Pt. 2.1” that finds a pleasing midpoint between Eastern/new age vibes and tender American folk music before descending into a brief moment of keyboard reverie. It’s the tenth song on Salutations, so feel free to skip ahead, but really the whole comp — which sets a vibe with a well-curated mix of ambient pop and new age — is worth hearing. Do that below.

Salutations is out now on Adult Swim/RVNG.

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