Emmy and Grammy Nominee Peg Luke Drops New Track “Almighty, Victorious”

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Emmy and Grammy Nominee Peg Luke Drops New Track “Almighty, Victorious”

American singer-songwriter and composer Peg Luke shares a new spiritual track called “Almighty, Victorious.” The Emmy and Grammy-nominated instrumentalist has sold thousands of records, where she proclaims the love and word of God. The soloist has also performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City and London’s Cadogan Hall.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the new single, Peg Luke says: “I heard the bagpipes and the fiddle in this tune one morning when I woke up. It was in the forefront of my mind many mornings, so I finally wrote it down and then paired it with some of my favorite lyrics from the old hymn tune, ‘Immortal, Invisible’ and from there the tune took flight.” 

Luke added a brand new vibe to the very powerful text from the classic hymn Immortal, Invisible. “That hymn always rang true to me. It is a very positive and powerful piece of music and I decided to change the mood with bagpipes and fiddle. Each instrument I dearly love, and when I reworked the tune I heard these two instruments prominently displayed,” explains the artist.

Following “Almighty, Victorious,” “God Will Be My Peace,” and “The Greatest Gift,” Peg Luke plans to release a new single that is very near and dear to her heart, called “I Am Home, Lord.” The track is dedicated to all the refugees around the world.

Listen to “Almighty, Victorious” here:

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