Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart Joins Daughter Kaya For American Idol Audition

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Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart Joins Daughter Kaya For American Idol Audition


The initial premise of American Idol was that the show could pluck incredible talents from obscurity and make them pop stars. For a while, it lived up to that ideal. But very few Idol contestants go on to anything resembling stardom these days, and the show had fallen out of the zeitgeist long before it ended its run on Fox and was resurrected on ABC. So I guess, sure, why not use it as another nepo-baby launchpad?

Kaya Stewart is the daughter of Eurythmics member Dave Stewart, a guy who’s been a mainstay of the music industry for decades. Kaya herself has been attempting to break into the business for years; she opened for the Go-Go’s and Best Coast way back in 2016. Now she’s opted to advance her career through an American Idol run, and she brought along her famous dad to back her up at her audition. Is this what sweet dreams are made of?

It’s pretty funny to watch the celebrity judges react to this turn of events. Lionel Richie excitedly points out that he and Stewart were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame together last fall. Katy Perry asks the relevant question, “With all the different opportunities and connections and stuff, how did you even land at American Idol, if this is the right choice?” (I guess I wouldn’t have known who Kaya Stewart was if she hadn’t decided to do this, so I can’t really argue against it as a promo tactic.) Then there’s some talk from Richie about how this proves Idol is now “a creative destination for artists.” OK.

Kaya and Dave performed their collaborative composition “This Tattoo,” which you watch below along with the usual Idol audition trappings.

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