Finnoguns Wake – “Lovers All”

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Finnoguns Wake – “Lovers All”


Tim “Shogun” Wall used to lead the great Australian punk band Royal Headache, and now he’s got a new group called Finnoguns Wake, a duo with one Finn Berzin. Finnoguns Wake will release their debut EP Stay Young next month, and we’ve already posted first single “Blue Skies.” Today, they’ve got another new one.

Finn Berzin sings lead on the new Fonnoguns Wake song “Lovers All.” The song is an urgent, fuzz-drenched ripper that recalls the mid-’80s moment when American indie rock started to become its own distinct thing but when it still had ties to punk and hardcore. Check it out below.

The Stay Young EP is out 1/26 on What’s Your Rupture? I wonder if the “Lovers All” song title is a play on the band Love Is All, who also used to be on What’s Your Rupture?

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