Florence + The Machine – “Just A Girl” (No Doubt Cover)

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Florence + The Machine – “Just A Girl” (No Doubt Cover)


The hit Showtime series Yellowjackets — which tells the story of a high school girls soccer team stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash in the ’90s in parallel with the characters’ lives in the present — is about to return for its second season. To mark the occasion, Florence + The Machine have delivered a suitably dramatic cover of “Just A Girl,” the lead single from No Doubt’s 1995 blockbuster Tragic Kingdom. Produced by Florence Welch and Mark Bowen of IDLES, the mildly “trailerized” version of the song is perfectly in step with the show’s proclivity for ’90s needle drops as well as Welch’s signature sound.

Welch shared this statement:

I’m such a huge fan of Yellowjackets and this era of music, and this song especially had a huge impact on me growing up, so I was thrilled to be asked to interpret it in a “deeply unsettling” way for the show. We tried to really add some horror elements to this iconic song to fit the tone of the show. And as someone who’s first musical love was pop punk and Gwen Stefani it was a dream job.

I never would have pegged Florence as a pop-punk! Listen below.

The new season of Yellowjackets premieres 3/24 on-demand and will air 3/26 on Showtime.

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