Foyer Red – “Pocket”

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Foyer Red – “Pocket”


Next month, Foyer Red will release their debut LP, Yarn The Hours Away. We’ve already heard singles such as “Etc,” “Plumbers Unite!,” and “Gorgeous.” Today, we’re getting one more called “Pocket,” and it comes with a video directed by Dewey Pileggi.

Here’s what singer Elana Riordan had to say about “Pocket”:

This song was by all means a wild card for the album. We’d played around with pieces of the song for a while and would sometimes wordlessly revert to them during practices, but we had put the pieces aside until very organically finishing the instrumentation about a week before we went into the studio. I had no words for the song, just an idea about the main part’s melody and the vocals. As we were tracking our songs in the first few days of recording, I was glued to my notebook, thinking aloud with the rest of the band, and then later spilling out silly phrases about time travel, capitalism and our existence/evolution as a species.

Yarn The Hours Away is out 5/19 via Carpark Records.

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