Gayngs – "Appeayl 2 U"


Gayngs – "Appeayl 2 U"

Gayngs is an amorphous rock band that was founded by Ryan Olson and whose members include Justin Vernon and many other artists primarily from the Minnesota and Wisconsin music scenes. (It represents a significant branch on the Justin Vernon family tree.)

They put out their one and only album, Relayted, back in 2010, and they were set to reunite tonight at a show honoring the 50th anniversary of the Minneapolis venue First Avenue. (The venue was where Prince once almost performed with them.) That show obviously did not happen, but the group have uploaded a new song to their Bandcamp page called “Appeayl 2 U” that they say they would have played tonight. There are 11 credited vocalists and 15 people involved in the recording and production of it.

Listen to it below. Proceeds from the song go to the charity Voices For Social Justice.

“Appeayl 2 U” is out now.

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