Geese – “Mysterious Love”

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Geese – “Mysterious Love”


Geese, the young Brooklyn indie Band To Watch, have evolved into rock ‘n’ roll weirdos of a sort on new album 3D Country. On “Cowboy Nudes” and the title track, they’ve honed in on an art-damaged spin on classic rock, one built on Zeppelin-style riffs and soulful Stones-y grooves but also full of discordant post-punk left turns, topped off by extremely hammy and eccentric vocals from Cameron Winter that will polarize the fuck out of you. (Imagine Eddie Vedder gone Captain Beefheart. Imagine Joe Casey from Protomartyr ironically crooning like Alex Cameron. Imagine Tom Jones flanked by scarequotes thrown so violently they could knock you out.)

It’s all readily on display throughout “Mysterious Love,” Geese’s new single out today. Watch the band’s self-directed video for the track below.

3D Country is out 6/23 on Partisan.

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