Generation – “Satellites & Suns” & “I Hear Them Say”

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Generation – “Satellites & Suns” & “I Hear Them Say”


Hot take: A band as good as Generation should have a better, more distinctive name than “Generation.” It should probably be easier to search, too. Name aside, Manchester’s Generation absolutely rule, and you should really do yourself a favor and learn their name.

Generation got together in 2019, making the kind of dynamic and emotional melodic hardcore that calls back to the classic DC Revolution Summer sound. Generation had already released their 2019 debut Call It A Life when they captured out attention with the 2021 tracks “Present” and “In The House Of Being.” Chris says they sound like “Japandroids-but-make-it-British”; I think they sound more like what might’ve happened if Rites Of Spring stuck around long enough to be influenced by midwest emo.

Generation released another great song called “Disheartened” last year, and now they’ve got a new EP that features “Disheartened” and two more bangers. Along with “Disheartened,” the new Satellites & Suns EP has its title track and “I Hear Them Say,” both of which are fiery, heartfelt anthems. I’m just very impressed by this band. Stream the new EP below.

The Satellites & Suns EP is out now on Sunday Drive Records. And while we’re on the subject of anthemic Rev Summer-type post-hardcore, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Santa Barbara’s Jade Dust have just announced plans to follow their sick self-titled 2021 EP with an as-yet-untitled new 12″ that’ll feature six new songs and two covers. They’ve just shared one of those new songs, the urgent and intense “By A Thread.” Ideally, that song would be its own post, but you know how it is. Fridays just get busy around here. So anyway, you can hear that song here.

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