Genocide Pact – “Perverse Dominion”


Genocide Pact – “Perverse Dominion”

The Washington, DC death metal band Genocide Pact has a deep, ugly, disgusting sound with more than a bit of hardcore in its cavernous roil. (Members of the band have played in groups like Red Death, Protester, Disciples Of Christ, and Witchtrial.) Today, Genocide Pact have announced plans to follow their 2018 album Order Of Torment with a new LP later this year. First single “Perverse Dominion” is hard.

“Perverse Dominion” is a brutal rager that toggles back and forth between classic metal riffage and pure guttural sludge. In a press release, singer and guitarist Tim Mullaney says, “Lyrically, this song is about how, as humans, our greatest strength is our mind — and in a world of people stepping over each other to get ahead, the mind is the first thing targeted by powerful people trying to keep you below them.” In the video, Genocide Pact play amidst urban wreckage. Check it out below.

Genocide Pact is out 12/3 on Relapse.

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