Georgia Maq – “Joe Rogan”


Georgia Maq – “Joe Rogan”

Two years ago, Georgia Maq, leader of the great Australian punk band Camp Cope, released Pleaser, her first full solo album. This year, Maq has teamed up with Alice Ivy for the solo single “Someone Stranger,” while Camp Cope also came back last month with the new song “Blue.” Today, Georgia Maq has come out with another solo track, and it’s got the attention-grabbing title “Joe Rogan.”

“Joe Rogan” isn’t specifically about Joe Rogan, the long-winded podcast mogul who has some funny ideas about how the world works. Instead, it’s a twinkly synthpop track, and it finds Maq roasting the absolute fuck out of a man in her life: “He sits there smoking/ The voice of Joe Rogan/ And he thinks that I’m a lot… There’s nothing more dangerous than a man who thinks consent is lame.” The song seems to have a specific target. On Instagram, Maq writes that the single’s cover art, dominated by a long-winded and lecture-y phone screenshot, is “a real text message.”

Maq recorded “Joe Rogen” on her own, and some of her friends contributed voice clips. The “Joe Rogen” video, directed by Tori Styles, has Maq flipping off Joe Rogen’s image and having fun with the camera. Check it out below.

In a press release, Georgia Maq says:

I made this song alone in my house. It’s a burn on myself because of my historically bad taste. It’s a song about leaving a bad date because you realised you don’t have to sit around while some guy defends joe rogan and smokes a gatorade bong, it’s about a very… unique experience that isn’t actually that unique – I think it’s relatable.

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