GIFT – “Wish Me Away”

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GIFT – “Wish Me Away”


In 2022, the NYC band GIFT released their debut album Momentary Presence, a set of shimmery and psychedelic songs that sometimes raced ahead with the propulsive post-punk/krautrock momentum of bands like DIIV. Today they announced that they’ve signed to Captured Tracks for the next one. We don’t have new album details yet, but new single “Wish Me Away” portends good things.

Frontman TJ Freda has this to say about the track:

“Wish Me Away” is about giving into the feeling of everything slipping away. Just take it all away, put me out of my misery, wish me away. While this all seems daunting and sad, there’s a feeling of optimism in this song, holding on for dear life and refusing to give up hope.

Watch director Andrew Gibson’s video for “Wish Me Away” below.

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