Gold Dust – “Oh Well”


Gold Dust – “Oh Well”

Stephen Pierce has made hardcore music with Ampere and shoegaze with Kindling and the Easthampton, MA-based musician also has a long-running interest in folk music from the ’60s and ’70s, which is what he’s channeling in his new solo project Gold Dust. Today, Pierce is announcing its debut album, also called Gold Dust.

“I grew up learning to play guitar on Johnny Ramone and Kevin Shields, I love that kind of playing but it’s a completely different skill set than what’s being used in a lot of folk music,” Pierce explained. “I was really impressed by acoustic guitar playing but I didn’t really know how to do it — it was like a different language. So I started trying to unlearn and relearn guitar.”

Today, he’s sharing the first Gold Dust single, “Oh Well.” Check it out below.

01 “Water St, 2am”
02 “Oh Well”
03 “Cosmic Joke”
04 “Run Into Clouds”
05 “Cat Song”
06 “Anywhereing”
07 “All’s Well That Ends”
08 “Brookside Cemetery Blues”
09 “Maybe Tomorrow”
10 “The Shortest Path”
11 “Small Song”

Gold Dust is out 10/15.

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