Gordi – "Extraordinary Life"


Gordi – "Extraordinary Life"

Sophie Payten is releasing her sophomore album as Gordi, Our Two Skins, at the end of the week. It’s had quite the build-up, starting with “Sandwiches” back in February and continuing with advance singles “Aeroplane Bathroom,” “Volcanic,” and “Unready.” Today, Gordi is releasing one last song from the album before the whole thing is out on Friday. It’s called “Extraordinary Life,” and it’s a sentimental and uplifting song about wanting the best for someone.

“I was standing in a shower in a hostel in Ghent at 2am towards the end of 2017 and I started humming. I began recording the demo in stairwells across Europe while I was on tour with Asgeir and in most of the demo vocals you can hear distant chatter in Icelandic. For all the turmoil and anguish described in the record, this song just sits in pure joy. I like the idea that the ultimate gesture of love is to make someone feel exceptional; like they deserve an extraordinary life.”

The song’s music video was shot at the same time as her one for “Aeroplane Bathroom,” snuck into their schedule just as the pandemic was ramping up. Watch and listen below.

Our Two Skins is out 6/26 via Jagjaguwar. Pre-order it here.

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