GregR&B Reveals He’s Working On His Next Album Love Again Reloaded


GregR&B Reveals He’s Working On His Next Album Love Again Reloaded

Rising R&B singer-songwriter GregR&B has been trained by his mother since she discovered his talent for music when he was only 8. This month he released his new music video, “Cuddle Moves,” and announced his upcoming album, Love Again Reloaded, the second opus to his debut album Love Again.

In your opinion, what differentiates you with other R&B artists in terms of music?

My singing style only belongs to me. I have an original, new, yet familiar sound.

Is songwriting the first step before coming up with the music in your creative process, or is it the other way around and why?

The music is my first step when creating songs. I like to listen to the story the music is telling and then communicate that in song to my fans.

Would you be interested in collaborating with other artists? If yes, who would you pick?

Yes, I would like to collaborate with Chris Brown, Drake, a few legends like Keith Sweat and more.

Your new music video, “Cuddle Moves” is a song off your album Love Again, please tell us more about the title and music of the album?

Cuddle Moves is a song that was written to inspire love between lovers, the music off the album is a combination of songs for Love and Love making.

Who is your favourite artist of all time and why?

Rahkim is my favorite rapper and was my first that made my head nod to music lol. Keith Sweat is also one of my favorites and I was first introduced to his music because my dad used to listen to him so much when I was a kid.

For our readers and listeners to get to know you better, please tell us how you came to making music, and how your childhood impacted your choices?

My mother started me as a performer but I was born to sing and after my mother discovered my talent at the age of 8, she then trained me in the direction of music. If it had not been my mother teaching me as a kid to invest my time into my talent, I wouldn’t be here today. My whole life has been impacted by my childhood therefore making it impossible to abandon my dream.

What are you currently working on?

Currently working on setting up a tour, doing shows and also in my spare time I’m in the studio working on my next album “Love Again Reloaded”.

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