Gulfer – “Neighbours”


Gulfer – “Neighbours”

Montreal quartet Gulfer specialize in twinkly, melodic rock songs delivered with powerful controlled aggression. It’s the kind of pop-leaning emo that rarely threatens to overwhelm, but there’s also nothing flimsy about it. We last heard this sturdy mixture of technical prowess and pop songwriting acumen on “Look,” released in May as part of a split with the like-minded Charmer. Today Gulfer are back with another one-off called “Neighbours” that finds singer Vincent Ford reckoning with a loved one’s schizophrenia diagnosis. “Inside I feel so strange,” he begins, trying to empathize with their experience. “My neighbours tapping on the windows.”

It’s a fantastic song, and it arrives with a video by Sacha Cohen (no Baron) set at a miniature golf course. Watch below.

“Neighbours” is out now on Royal Mountain/Topshelf.

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