Hinds – "Spanish Bombs" (The Clash Cover)


Hinds – "Spanish Bombs" (The Clash Cover)

Hinds are one of Spain’s foremost rock exports, and now they’ve covered one of the foremost rock songs about Spain. Fresh off the release of their very fun new album The Prettiest Curse, the poppy Madrid garage band have delivered a gleefully noisy take on the Clash’s London Calling classic “Spanish Bombs,” a song about the Spanish civil war.

A statement from Carlotta Cosials explaining the cover:

We’ve always loved doing covers. Maybe ’cause it’s the way we started, or maybe because there are so many good songs in the world already that we wish we had written! And we really enjoy hindsifying them heheh. the clash were my mom’s forever favourite band and ade’s parents also, so it is always beautiful to connect generations through music.

As spaniards, we don’t usually get shout outs in songs, like “new york” or “london”, so the clash writing a song about our civil war made us feel honoured. We recorded it the last day of studio, pretty much live, while recording our third album.

Listen below.

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