Holy Fawn – “Glóandi”

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Holy Fawn – “Glóandi”


Last year, Holy Fawn, a very good heavy shoegaze band from Phoenix, released an exceptional album called Dimensional Bleed. Next month, Holy Fawn will head out on an American tour with Caracara. Today, they’ve released a lovely new six-minute track called “Glóandi.”

Google tells me that “Glóandi” is Icelandic for “glowing.” Maybe they speak a lot of Icelandic down in Arizona, or maybe this is just Holy Fawn giving a tip of the cap to Sigur Rós. There’s definitely some of that yearning grandeur to “Glóandi.” The track starts with a pulsing, erratic drumbeat and a tingly guitar line, and it expands outward into something vast and pretty. Check out out below.

“Glóandi” is out now on Wax Bodega.

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