Honeyglaze – “Cold Caller”

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Honeyglaze – “Cold Caller”


Honeyglaze are a trio based in London who make arty and technical but quite pretty indie rock. They’ve got a new album coming out in September, Real Deal, and all signs are indicating that it’s gonna live up to its title. Following lead single “Don’t,” they have another track out today called “Cold Caller.”

“Cold Caller” is a hushed tune driven by winding guitar lines and math rock-style drums, sort of in the vein of Life Without Buildings if Sue Tompkins properly sang. Lyrically, it grapples with the desperation that comes from the depths of loneliness: “Ever since the lights went out/ I answer every cold caller/ I know exactly what they want/ I just enjoy the conversation.”

“It’s funny, because it’s a complete dynamic reversal: the last person you’d usually want attention from is a cold caller,” Honeyglaze explain in a press release. “Can you imagine how lonely someone must feel if you aren’t getting enough from them? Wishful thinking and delusion determine your reality more than you’d think.”

Listen to “Cold Caller” below.

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01 “Hide”
02 “Cold Caller”
03 “Pretty Girls”
04 “Safety Pins”
05 “Don’t”
06 “TMJ”
07 “I Feel It All”
08 “Ghost”
09 “TV”
10 “Real Deal”
11 “Movies”

Real Deal out 9/20 via Fat Possum.

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