Hovvdy – “Bubba”

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Hovvdy – “Bubba”


Last month, Hovvdy shared the song “Jean,” which found the Austin-based duo straying further from their slowcore roots. Today, they’re releasing “Bubba,” a delicate but playful ballad, piano-driven and speckled with synthesizers. It was produced by Andrew Sarlo.

“The song tells a story from two perspectives: the brother (Bubba) and his sister,” Charlie Martin, one-half of Hovvdy, explained in a statement. “It’s about sibling-hood in the midst of really hard times and getting through it all together. I was lucky to have my older brother through all our childhood shit, and I can’t imagine how it would’ve gone without him. But still it’s tough and time flies and we grow older and process in our own ways; and this song is about how that feels.”

Hear “Bubba” below.

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