Hovvdy – "Runner"


Hovvdy – "Runner"

Austin indie-pop duo Hovvdy released their very good new album Heavy Lifter back in October. And now they’re back with a new single, “Runner,” recorded over the course of a week at producer Andrew Sarlo’s Los Angeles studio.

“‘Runner’ draws from warm memories of my childhood in Dallas; the spirit of running around as a kid with an amount of freedom that would probably be considered unsafe nowadays,” says Hovvdy’s Charlie Martin. “Also, it unpacks the dynamic of an absent parent who nonetheless gives good advice. We need both positive and negative influences to have a balanced approach to life I think.”

As is par for the course with this band, the song itself is extremely pretty, all languid guitar strums and understated synth flickers over a shuffling drum loop. “You say take your time/ Don’t give it away, don’t give it up,” Martin sings. “Call me runner/ Someday I’ll come up.” Listen below.

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