IMMUNITY’s New Track “Trainwreck” Is A Must-Listen


IMMUNITY’s New Track “Trainwreck” Is A Must-Listen

Coming all the way from Nuremberg, Germany, IMMUNITY has released yet another hit for the band. The all-new mesmerizing track is titled “Trainwreck,” a name perfect for such a loud production. Showcasing their talent on a worldwide stage, the band has always had a knack to create jaw-dropping tracks.

The track is the perfect blend of all the best elements to make it a hit for the summer.

The band’s past hit songs include “Trust The Algorithm,” which has become a go-to track for their fans. Venturing into distinct areas and forming well-organized tides as they go, the band has perfectly paved their way to the top.

Their new track was also released with a compelling music video that points out their unparalleled talents. The scenes are perfectly showcasing the genre, style, and aura of the track. Its dark and mysterious vibe is pushing through the video, making it a definite must-watch.

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