Innumerable Forms – “Thrall”


Innumerable Forms – “Thrall”

The members of the Boston-based band Innumerable Forms mostly come from hardcore; different people in the band have played in groups like Mind Eraser, Power Trip, Iron Lung, and Red Death. But Innumerable Forms generally go for a straight-up old-school death metal sound, and they’re really good at it. Next month, the band will release their new album Philosophical Collapse, and we’ve already posted first single “Built On Wrought.” Today, they’ve shared another one.

Innumerable Forms tend to go for the dark, cavernous speed of death metal’s originators, but that’s not what they do on the new song “Thrall.” Instead, this one is slower and doomier, but it still has plenty of the echo-drenched darkness that the band always brings. This song sounds like it came slithering out of some hidden abyss, and you can hear it below.

Philosophical Collapse is out 9/16 on Profound Lore.

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