Into It. Over It. – “Bandelier”

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Into It. Over It. – “Bandelier”


Evan Weiss’ emo project Into. It Over It. has been running for nearly two decades now. The band makes a lot of music, and not all of that music ends up on proper albums. Today, Into It. Over It. announced plans to release the new collection Interesting Decisions: Into It. Over It. Songs (2020-2023) next month. The record collects a bunch of the tracks that they’ve released on splits or one-off releases, and it’s also got three fresh-for-2024 tracks, including one that just came out today.

A couple of weeks ago, Into It. Over It. released their single “A Trip Around The Sun.” That song is on Interesting Decisions, and so is “Bandelier,” the new track that just came out today. It’s a lush, contemplative, keyboard-heavy joint that was inspired by a recent trip to New Mexico’s Bandelier National State Park. Here’s how Evan Weiss describes it:

You can hike through an ancient lost civilization. You can crawl into the rocks which were formerly people’s homes. Spaces carved through wind and water, surviving through thousands of years, which housed the indigenous people native to the land. It’s beautiful. You can also feel a presence everywhere you walk and explore. We started the new year here shortly after buying our own home. I was thinking about what kind of people will walk through our home after we’re long gone. What will they think of us? Will they feel our presence? Time keeps on slipping.

Check it out below.

Interesting Decisions: Into It. Over It. Songs (2020-2023) is out 5/3 on Storm Chasers LTD/Big Scary Monsters.

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