Jaga Jazzist – “Tomita”


Jaga Jazzist – “Tomita”

Norwegian experimental jazz collective Jaga Jazzist are releasing their new album Pyramid next month. They’ve already shared one single, the sprawling, synthed-out “Spiral Era.” And now we’re getting another. “Tomita,” a blissfully spacey groove named after the Japanese synthesizer music pioneer Isao Tomita, comes with an animated music video directed by Jengo.

“The upbeat pace of the song felt fitting to have the character run the whole time, tearing through the desert barely stopping to appreciate the view, with the warm hues of the desert echoing the strong red color of the album cover,” Jengo explains. “Stylistically I knew it had to feel epic and grand yet very minimal and clean, so I was looking at video games for inspiration, mostly Zelda and Journey, some anime and some ’70s sci-fi book covers for the scale and the surrealist feel.”

Watch and listen to “Tomita” below.

Pyramid is out 8/7 on Brainfeeder. Pre-order it here.

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