Jeff Rosenstock & Skatune Network Turn Vampire Weekend’s “A-Punk” Into A Ska Song

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Jeff Rosenstock & Skatune Network Turn Vampire Weekend’s “A-Punk” Into A Ska Song


Vampire Weekend have always been at least a little bit of a secret ska-punk band. There’s definitely some hup-hup-hup pickitup-pickitup energy to tracks like “Cousins” and “This Life,” and I heard that thread the moment that I first heard “A-Punk,” my favorite song on Vampire Weekend’s self-titled 2008 debut. (Evidently, that’s a lot of people’s favorite VW song; it’s their most-streamed track by far.) Today, a new cover takes “A-Punk” and turns it into full-on ska.

Jeremy Hunter, aka JER, is a key figure in the ska revival that was getting a lot of press a couple of years ago. They’re a member of We Are The Union, they’ve contributed to a ton of other people’s records, and they’ve also got their own Skatune Network project. Lately, Skatune Network has been sharing tons of ska cover of non-ska songs on YouTube: Touché Amoré, Turnstile, Blink-182, the Wii Sports theme. Today, JER enlisted fellow ska revivalist Jeff Rosenstock to turn “A-Punk” into “(SK)A-Punk.”

Jeff Rosenstock has been on some other shit lately; he and Laura Stevenson just released their second EP of Neil Young covers a few months ago. On the “A-Punk” cover, though, Rosenstock is back in his Ska Dream zone, singing and playing saxophone. “A-Punk,” it turns out, is still a great song when the ska stuff is a little more obvious. Below, check out the cover and the original video.

“(SK)A-Punk” is out now on Counter Intuitive Records.

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