Jenn Grant & Bahamas – “All Of This Time”

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Jenn Grant & Bahamas – “All Of This Time”


“All Of This Time” is a new duet between Halifax singer-songwriter Jenn Grant and her Toronto-based peer Bahamas, aka Afie Jurvanen, from Grant’s upcoming album Champagne Problems. The song is a slow, sparse, waltzing love ballad that feels almost timeless in its approach. Here’s what Grant has to say about it:

It was so wonderful to spend an afternoon working up this little ditty with Bahamas. I will never forget coming up with that chorus together in our little studio singing in harmony. His voice felt like a big ship taking me out to sea. Watching him play guitar, and then casually stroll over to the piano to add little bits of music here and there was mesmerizing. He thought he was just tickling the ivories, playing a few notes here and there for fun. We kept everything.

And here’s what Bahamas had to say:

So great to spend an afternoon with JG and sing together. I think this song officially qualifies as a “ditty.” Wish we had more time to write a bridge but the guys upstairs at corporate had us working to a tight deadline. Hope you enjoy the results!

“All Of This Time” comes with a video directed by Christopher Luke on location in Nova Scotia, for which Grant interviewed three aging couples about their long lives together. Watch below.

Champagne Problems is out 6/21.

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