Joey Purp – “Candypaint”


Joey Purp – “Candypaint”

Three years is a long time in rap, but we won’t have to wait too much longer to hear the fired-up Chicago rapper Joey Purp’s follow-up to his 2018 album QUARTERTHING. Next month, Purp will release UpLate, a new mixtape that promises to embrace the homegrown Chicago sound of house music. We’ve already heard the tape’s lead single “Outside.” Today, Purp has shared another one.

If the new “Candypaint” is an accurate sign of how UpLate will sound, then we’re in for some great things. This song bangs extremely fucking hard. “Candypaint” is a sweaty, muscular two-minute monster built on a massive bassline, an incessant handclap, and a few Super Mario Bros. sound effects. It’s an incredibly simple beat, even if it has four credited producers: Dex Lvl, Stint, Knox Fortune, and Joey Purp himself. Over that track, Purp gets super horny. Listen below.

The self-released UpLate is out 9/24.

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