Joseph Shabason, Nicholas Krgovich, & M. Sage – “Gloria”

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Joseph Shabason, Nicholas Krgovich, & M. Sage – “Gloria”


For the past couple years, composers Joseph Shabason and Nicholas Krgovich have put out a series of collaborative records, most recently 2022’s At Scaramouche. The pair has teamed up with a third musician, Matthew Sage, for a new album called Shabason, Krgovich, Sage — it’ll be out in April. Sage, who moved back home to Colorado after a decade in Chicago, invited Shabason and Krgovich to his studio in the Rockies to work on music together.

“After connecting with Nick and Jos through DMs since 2020, it felt like a fun experience awaited us as potential collaborators,” Sage said in a press release. “I had built my barn studio, and I think it looked appealing to them to make an adventure out of coming to the Wild West to make music with me.”

Shabason added: “I have realized that making music with people who live very far away is a real possibility. As long as we can get into one space together for a short amount of time, the collaborative magic that is needed to make a record is totally possible.”

Listen to their album’s opening track “Gloria” below.

01 “Gloria”
02 “Bruce”
03 “Joe”
04 “Old Man Song”
05 “Don”
06 “Patti”
07 “Raoul”
08 “Bridget”

Shabason, Krgovich, Sage is out 4/5 via Idée Fixe Records. Pre-order it here.

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