JPEGMAFIA continues his run of exclamatory loose tracks with another new one today called “THE BENDS!” This is the fifth in this series following “BALD!,” “COVERED IN MONEY!,” “BODYGUARD!,” and “CUTIE PIE!,” which have all come out about a month after the other.

“THE BENDS!” starts off with a sampled speech from Donald Trump expressing all of his sup posed “support from the African-American community” and breaks into a seasick groove that Peggy croons over in style. “People pray to the press to impeach/ Deeper down know that vote is a loss/ SAD!” he says, and in the next verse: “MAGA raps/ Caught a body with a MAGA hat/ Who trying to get rid of me.” In the accompanying video that was surreptitiously shot outside, JPEGMAFIA is dressed up like a beekeeper.

Watch and listen below.

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