Juan Minatta Drops New EP Titled after the aftermath


 Juan Minatta Drops New EP Titled after the aftermath

Argentine singer-songwriter Juan Minatta reunites with music producer and founder of Backbeat Records, Micaela Blue, to release the EP after the aftermath (remixes). The new record, which is a compilation of EDM, Dance, and Pop-infused renditions of his latest single, also features the “after the aftermath-don’t rain on my parade” remix.

Produced by Micaela Blue, “after the aftermath” is an “intimate piano ballad about looking back at a past relationship with a certain nostalgic feeling, thinking about the joy it brought while it lasted and how everything eventually faded into it being just a memory.”

Juan Minatta creates a full-hearted song that stands out with its genuine and warm lyrics, “You only get to know love when it fades away/ Like standing under the storm that rains on your parade/ And it’s gotten better but it’ll take some time/ So I’ll hold on ’til it breaks me to protect you from that/ When the light outweighs the tears again/ Just know that I’ll love you just the same/ After the aftermath.”

Joining forces with his long-time friend and collaborator Micaela Blue, Juan Minatta has achieved great success with “after the aftermath,” which was released Nov. 4th 2022. The collaborative single went on to top the charts of  Iceland’s Top 50 & reached number 17 on New Zealand’s Top 50 Spotify list.

Watch the lyric video for “after the aftermath” here:

Listen to after the aftermath here:

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