Kal Marks – “Everybody Hertz”


Kal Marks – “Everybody Hertz”

This week, Kal Marks are releasing a new album, My Name Is Hell, the follow-up to 2018’s Universal Care and the Boston-based group’s first with a new lineup. We’ve heard “Ovation‘ and the title track from it so far, and today they’re sharing one more single, which comes with the winking title “Everybody Hertz.”

“I find it’s really debilitating to just sit and watch the bad news roll in everyday,” the band’s leader Carl Shane said in a statement. “It’s really easy to feel the pains of the world are solely happening to me. The truth is that we’re all part of this patchwork of misery. The world is naturally brutal, and some put more poison out there, because they have no empathy and don’t see the full picture. It’s very easy to fall into that trap of living with blinders on. The world is kind of shitty, hold on, you’re not alone, be kind and be patient for some of the great moments.”

Listen below.

My Name Is Hell is out 8/5 via Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.

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