Katie Dey – "dancing"


Katie Dey – "dancing"

A little over a year ago, Katie Dey released her sophomore album, solipsisters. Since then, she’s worked with Camp Cope’s Georgia Maq on her debut solo album and popped up on releases from Ada Rook and covered some songs on her own. Today, she’s announcing a new album called mydata. The title is a reference to all of the digital ephemera that builds up over the course of a virtual relationship, which might not have any physical manifestations but still leaves an indelible mark.

“It’s just how I’ve always lived. It’s how a lot of marginalized people have always lived,” Dey said in a press release. “So much of my life is just on the internet. So many private, intimate moments. You can download this enormous chat log you have with someone, and it will be like 20MB. But that’s not where the relationship is. That’s not where it’s contained.”

mydata’s lead single is “dancing,” which sounds a little more straightforward and warm than Dey’s typical digital degradation. On top of strings and sticky synths, Dey sings the chorus with a tender resolve: “I need you to be my choreographer/ Dance the moves laid out for her/ Don’t hold back, I’ll move however you want me to.” It’s gorgeous and pure and a little sad all at the same time, and it comes with a music video directed by Devi McCallion in the video game Second Life that highlights the online-ness of it all. Watch and listen below.

01 “darkness”
02 “dancing”
03 “happiness”
04 “leaving”
05 “hurting”
06 “word”
07 “hopeless”
08 “loving”
09 “closeness”
10 “hoping”
11 “bearing”
12 “data”

mydata is out 7/24 via Run For Cover Records. Pre-order it here.

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