Katie Dey – "happiness"


Katie Dey – "happiness"

A couple weeks back, Katie Dey announced a new album, mydata, her follow-up to last year’s solipsisters. At the time, she shared “dancing” from it and today she’s back with its second single, “happiness,” a transcendent and stuttering song about opening yourself up to new things. “I want love/ I’m not above it,” Dey sings in its opening lines. “No denying anymore/ I want love for you, too.”

“This is a song about wanting love and wanting love for others and struggling with all that comes with that,” Dey said in a statement. “Or trying to understand what it is I even mean when I say I ‘want love’… who am I to want love? Nobody. Just some transgendered lady with a piano. A story as old as time.”

Listen below.

mydata is out 7/24 via Run For Cover Records. Pre-order it here.

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