Kelly Monrow Gets Candid In New Music Video For “Wounds”

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Kelly Monrow Gets Candid In New Music Video For “Wounds”

Texas-native singer-songwriter Kelly Monrow welcomes the year with a new release. The multi-disciplinary artist opens up her heart and shares an uncut version of herself in the recently shared music video for “Wounds,” which follows other Scars of Venus songs such as “Wake Up,” “Ain’t Mine,” “Jagged Heart” and “The Woman.”

“Wounds” is a Southern Rock and Alternative track that uncovers a more sensitive and fragile Monrow. The visuals help viewers focus more on the essence of the song, which is full of contrasting emotions that motivate listeners to appreciate who they are, while teaching them to love themselves.

Kelly’s undying passion for life and love helps her overcome all sorts of pain, as she sings, “How these wounds keep on showin’/ Cuts me deep but I do it again/ Oh ohhhh/ And I take your word for it/ And then you take back all that you said/ I compromise the terms of my own love/ You still walk out/ Leave me feeling I’m not enough.” 

Completely immersing herself in the performance, Kelly Monrow succeeds in releasing emotions that resonate with the public. “Wounds” brings forth the singer’s fighting spirit, as she faces her past, unraveling all her inner worries, and realizing that “Everyone deserves something that lasts.” 

Watch the official music video for “Wounds” on YouTube:

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