Kirin J Callinan – “Eternally Hateful”

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Kirin J Callinan – “Eternally Hateful”


Earlier this year, it looked like the Australian musician Kirin J Callinan was gearing up to release his fourth full-length album, If I Could Sing, and he shared a couple of singles from it, “ANÆMIC ADONIS (you made me a promise)” and “Young Drunk Driver. The album had a proper release date and everything (June 23), but it did not come out — at least not traditionally. But If I Could Sing is out there if you know where to look — Callinan debuted it at a listening party around the time of that release date, and he distributed it on a USB drive that was available at his live shows.

“You will not, however, find them soaring high up the billboard hot 100 charts, nor running wild upon the open plains of ur preferred present day online streaming platform,” Callinan wrote in an Instagram message back in June. “They’re not strategically synced 2 ur favourite netflix flick nor have they slipped themselves into something slightly more comfortable, ie the backend of a bizarre mélange of some tasteless tastemakers tasty spotify longlist.”

Today, though, Callinan is sharing a music video for one of the songs on it, “Eternally Hateful,” and it seems like If I Could Sing might actually see the light of day at some point. Watch and listen below.

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