Kiwi Jr. – “The Extra Sees The Film”


Kiwi Jr. – “The Extra Sees The Film”

Next month, the Canadian band Kiwi Jr. are releasing their third album, Chopper. They’ve shared “Night Vision” and “Unspeakable Things” from it already, and today they’re back with another one, the mellow and dreamy “The Extra Sees The Film,” which features some fun and darkly tragic lyrical allusions, including “There’s a soft opening, she’ll be there if you wanna stop by/ Flirting with the human scorpion jacket from Drive.”

“This song is quite literally a change of pace for us,” the band’s Jeremy Gaudet said in a statement. “It’s more chill and a bit darker than previous Kiwi Jr. recordings.” He continued:

It’s a song about whether or not you’re the hero of your own story, or a smaller part of something bigger. It’s bragging that you’re in a movie and inviting all your friends and family, but when it screens, you’re barely an extra in it. A lot of our songs deal with reckoning, this one in particular. It’s what happens after you’ve told your story and the truth comes out later, and everything unravels.

Listen below

Chopper is out 8/12 via Sub Pop (most of the world) / Kiwi Club (Canada).

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