Heaven’s Gate – “Jerusalem Syndrome”


Heaven’s Gate – “Jerusalem Syndrome”

Heaven’s Gate are a new band whose lineup goes like this: Municipal Waste’s Tony Foresta, Warthog’s Mike Goo, Reversal Of Man’s Jeff Howe, and Cannibal Corpse’s Paul Mazurkiewicz. “Long story short, Mike G, and I both moved to St Pete a few years ago and were dying to have some sort of fun creative outlet down here,” Foresta told Decibel when explaining their new project:

Just a band in town that could play locally, write music and just hang out. I’ve been talking to Paul over the years about doing something together because we bonded over our mutual love for super fast bands like Limp Wrist, The Accüsed and Infest, and this just seemed like the perfect opportunity, since Mike is down with all that stuff as well. Adding Jeff to the fold made perfect sense with his history playing in killer bands from that era like Reversal of Man and CombatWoundedVeteran.

Ahead of their first shows that’ll take place in their origin state of Florida this weekend, Heaven’s Gate are sharing their debut single “Jerusalem Syndrome.” Check it out below.

“Jerusalem Syndrome” is out now.

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