Kolb – “I Guess I’m Lucky” (Feat. Carolyn Hietter)


Kolb – “I Guess I’m Lucky” (Feat. Carolyn Hietter)

The Brooklyn musician Michael Kolb, who releases music under his last name, is putting out his debut album, Tyrannical Vibes, next month. We posted about lead single “Jean-Luc” a few weeks ago, and today he’s back with a new song, “I Guess I’m Lucky,” a shaggy and bright pop song that’s sung by Carolyn Hietter, who plays saxophone in the band Sweet Baby Jesus.

“We shot the video at my house, originally going for a party theme but it was torrential, pouring rain that day and nobody showed up (except for a couple people),” Kolb said in a statement, continuing:

Even before the party theme, I wanted to cook a miniature meal for Donny the cat who was staying at our house but sadly, he passed before we were able to shoot the video. The result is a pastiche of those different concepts, woven together by Ani’s distinctive hand-drawn titles and green-screen post-production additions. We got Carolyn Hietter (who’s featured on lead vocals) beamed in through the TV like a narrator from another time, Marmalade (the cat we are watching now) gets a tiny meal, dice are rolled. It’s fitting because I ended up being VERY lucky I had the friends who were able to make this possible in spite of the emotional and logistical challenges life throws at you sometimes.

Watch the music video, directed by Palberta’s Ani Ivry-Block, below.

Tyrannical Vibes is out 9/30 (digital) and 10/21 (vinyl) via Ramp Local. Pre-order it here.

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