Koyo – “You’re On The List (Minus One)”

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Koyo – “You’re On The List (Minus One)”


A few years ago, a group of Long Island hardcore veterans, many of whom had played in some extremely heavy bands, got together to form Koyo, a band that’s rooted in Long Island’s history of emo, pop-punk, and extremely melodic hardcore. The band released their debut EP Painting Words Into Lines in 2020, and they followed it with Drives Out East a year later. Now, Koyo are finally ready to drop a full album on us.

Koyo’s debut LP Would You Miss It? is coming out this fall, and it’ll feature appearances from appearances from Glassjaw’s Daryl Palumbo, the Movielife’s Vinnie Caruana, and Vein.fm’s Anthony DiDio. First single “You’re On The List (Minus One)” revives the old emo tradition of vaguely clever song titles, and there’s also a lyric about “when your catastrophic dial tone meets the fear of being all alone.” It’s a big, bruised, catchy rager that could’ve easily come out 22 years ago. The video features appearances from My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero and Koyo’s buddies in Regulate. Below, check out the video and the Would You Miss It? tracklist.

01 “51st State”
02 “You’re On The List (Minus One)”
03 “Life’s A Pill”
04 “I Might Not”
05 “Flatline Afternoon” (Feat. Anthony DiDio)
06 “Anthem”
07 “Sayonara Motel”
08 “Message Like A Bomb” (Feat. Daryl Palumbo)
09 “What’s Left To Say” (Feat. Vinnie Caruana)
10 “Postcards”
11 “Crushed”

Would You Miss It? is out 9/29 on Pure Noise Records.

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