Lisa/Liza – "Red Leaves"


Lisa/Liza – "Red Leaves"

Next month, Portland, ME folk musician Liza Victoria is releasing a new album as Lisa/Liza, Shelter Of A Song, the follow-up to 2018’s Momentary Glance. A couple weeks back she shared “From This Shelter” off it and now she’s back with another new one called “Red Leaves,” a gorgeous and subtle swirl of a song that feels like a long bated breath: “Some love can only be found/ In that hushed-up town, where we drove around love,” she sings. “Like the breeze hummin’/ That the flowers can’t be found/ We knew winter was coming, we knew it’d be back around.”

“Red Leaves” is most prominently about loss and the pain that comes with it. While most of this album I wouldn’t say had specific influences this one was influenced some by Mt. Eerie and probably Michael Hurley too,” Lisa/Liza said in a statement. “But most of all it is a song about a feeling, It is about acknowledging the pain that remains, instead of running from it or trying to escape it, and the experience that is learning to live with that.”

Check it out below.

Shelter Of A Song is out

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